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Dash wipes the easy way to a clean car cabin

The dash, steering wheel, seats, some bumpers, the console, convertible top, door jambs, tires, and the exterior trim–when you stop and think about it, a large percentage of the car’s surface is rubber or vinyl. Issues you face with rubber and vinyl are cleaning, protecting and beautifying. There are a variety of products for each, some […]

Proper Washing & Drying Technique

Are you washing your car, or just damaging the paint? Most of the swirl marks that disfigure your vehicle are likely caused by poor washing technique. Thorough weekly washes and careful hand-drying can be the best care you can give your vehicle. Improper techniques will cause unsightly swirls and scratches in the paint requiring compounding […]

Glass Cleaning Facts & Tip

Clean automotive glass is possible with the right products and techniques! Clean glass not only looks better, it helps you drive better. We’ll tell you how to clean glass, even finicky automotive glass, with clear results. Clean, clear glass looks beautiful next to clean, waxed paint, and it improves your visibility while driving. Just a […]

Interior Cleaning and Conditioning How To’s

Other people may admire the outside your vehicle, but you see the inside every time you drive. Depending on how you use your vehicle, the interior may need even more TLC than the paint! This guide will take you through the basics of interior care. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts! The […]

Paint sealers what do they do?

Paint sealants are kind of the anti-carnauba wax, see the last post. They last a lot longer, they are easy to apply, and there’s nothing natural about them. This is surface science at its best. A paint sealant is made of polymers, which are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are linked […]

Is Carnauba wax worth the money?

Carnauba wax is the preferred car wax of collectors and concours enthusiasts because it creates a rich, warm glow. It doesn’t appear to sit on the paint. It transforms the paint into a deep, liquid pool that shimmers under changing light conditions. The more carnauba wax, the more shine. The wax is produced by the […]

Why You Should Wax Your Car Regularly

Why You Should Wax Your Car Regularly The main benefit from waxing your car regularly is the protection that it will give the car paintwork from all sorts of pollutants. Insects, rain, and fumes from other cars are just some of the things that can cause damage to your car paint work over any period […]

How to do a DIY Car Valet

Doing a DIY Car Valet is easier than you think when at home, by using the same techniques as the professionals, you will be sure to get those same stunning results. Taking care of the bodywork of your car is an ongoing process, it has to be well looked after all year round in order […]