Two bucket wash method

Ever heard of the Two Bucket Wash Method? It’s the car wash method the best car valeters use. Whether your’e a die hard self washer, or choosing a car valeter to work on your car, you need to know about this. It’s so simple but reaps great results. One bucket contains the soapy water as normal, the other clean water. Dip your wash mitt in the soapy bucket apply to bodywork, then rinse in the other bucket. When finish check out how much fine grit is contained in the rinse bucket, you’ll be amazed. If you were using only one bucket that grit would be mixed up everytime you plunged your wash mitt in and stick to the mitt, this one of the causes of the fine scratches or ‘swirl marks’ which damage your paintwork, especially on dark paint finishes, and need to be polished out. So for a couple of £’s for a second bucket you’ll have your paintwork staying great. If your potential car valeter doesn’t use two buckets, then look elsewhere!

Car child seats dirtier than toilet seats

Interesting article in the Daily Mail based on research from Birmingham University. Worryingly child safety seats are cited as having twice the germs and bacteria than toilet seats.

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EU Regulations

The GarageVac is exempt from the EU regulation 666/2103 effective from 1st September 2014. as it is a fixed, non movable unit. It does however meet the criteria for the maximum electrical motor wattage. We’ve always said you shouldn’t compare vacuums by the size of the motor, as there are various aspects of a vacuum ‘s design which effect the cleaning power of the machine, see our FAQ on Air Watts.

Kitchen Cleaner for Alloy Wheels!

Yes it does work on your alloys, latest cleaning secret  from down under.

Yes it does work on your alloys, latest cleaning secret from down under.

Not as mad as it sounds, our distributor down under says the OzKleen Kitchen Cleaner has taken the DIY car detailer fans a storm. We tried it ourselves on white alloys and they came up a treat. Available from Waitrose and Wilkinson. Do try on an inconspicuous area first just in case!


Fantastic car shampoo

We tried out Bilt Hamber Auto Wash last weekend, tiny 300ml bottle and the best part of £10. However you only use 5ml per bucket and the adage ‘you pay your money and take your pick’ applies here. Cleaning power is superb and the water beeds off well, so less work is needed with the chamois. Click on the image to link to their site.


BMW sticks to its guns for future gearboxes

BMW is convinced its current transmission policy of eight-speed automatics, seven-speed dual-clutches and six-speed manuals is the perfect combination, according to its small and midsize cars boss, Klaus Frolich.

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Monaco 2014 Report

This one had naked ambition written all over it, pretty appropriate given the venue. On his own doorstep Nico Rosberg showed what he was prepared to do to in his fight for this world championship – and he made it work. He showed that a ‘rich kid’ – as he’d been labelled by Lewis Hamilton in the lead-up to the weekend as the psychological warfare was notched up – was prepared to be a street fighter too, albeit a rather clever one.

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Ford ‘overwhelmed’ by stampede to reserve a new Mustang

More than 9300 people tried to reserve a new Ford Mustang when pre-registrations for the European version of the sports car opened during last weekend’s UEFA Champions League Final.

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Mini Superleggera Vision sports car concept unveiled

BMW chose this weekend’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to unveil its planned MX-5 rivalling open top Mini in concept form. Called the Mini Superleggera Vision, the stunning concept has been designed in co-operation with the iconic Italian design house to incorporate modern Britishness with added Italian flair.

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Who’s on the motorists side?

The 2015 general election is on the horizon, but how are politicians planning to fix our roads, cut motoring costs and help drivers?

With the European Elections on 22 May, and the General Election date set for 7 May 2015, Auto Express has asked four political parties a number of questions to see which one is doing the most for you, the motorist.

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