Other people may admire the outside your vehicle, but you see the inside every time you drive. Depending on how you use your vehicle, the interior may need even more TLC than the paint! This guide will take you through the basics of interior care. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

The interior of your car is a relatively small space. Small messes have a huge impact. Keep your interior looking great with weekly quick-cleanings. A little time spent cleaning each weekend will keep your monthly super clean-up from taking up your whole Saturday!

Weekly Cleaning Regimen

1 Use a Microfibre cloth  to wipe down all solid surfaces. This microfibre cloth will catch the accumulated dust and minor spills that have occurred since the last detailing.

2 Remove pet hair in seconds with a turbo brush vacuum attachment. It takes just a minute or two to brush pet hair off the seats.

3 Floor mats probably bear the brunt of abuse during the week. Shake them out if they’re not too bad. If you have a GarageVac at your disposal, go ahead a give them a quick vacuuming. This wall mounted unit is the ultimate Grab ’n’ Go vacuum cleaner.

Unless you made a big mess that week, this is all you need to do on a weekly basis.

Monthly Cleaning Regimen

Give your interior a thorough cleaning about once a month. If you get into a habit, no spot or stain will go unnoticed.

1 With a GarageVac you’ll find the clean-up a breeze. The flexible crevice attachment make it easy to get into all those tight spots where only dirt and pocket change go.

2 Break out a dry carpet cleaner such as Natural & Clean and make carpet stains vanish. Use the brush provided to work the cleaner into the spot vacuum the residue. The can re-vacuum the treated area with a turbo brush to fluff the carpet pile again.

3 Wipe down all vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces with a damp Microfiber Detailing Cloth. You can use either plain water or a cleaner, such as AutoGlym Interior spray. Many rubber and vinyl protectants have some cleaning ability so, unless you have major dressing build-up or stains, you can go straight

4 Warning! Avoid silicone-based protectants. Silicone leaves an oily residue and it attracts dust. Over time, it can turn your dashboard yellow. Stick to water-based protectants and you’ll never have to worry about a greasy, yellow interior.

5 Next clean the interior glass using a non-ammonia glass cleaner, AutoGlym Glass cleaner. This cleaner is safe on tinted windows. Use the Microfibre cloth to wipe the glass clean with no streaks or lint. To avoid overspray, mist the towel with the glass cleaner, rather than spraying it directly on the glass.

6 Unless you have a soft dash brush for your vacuumou will need a detailing brush to get inside the vents and in the seams where otherwise only dust, lint and the stray coins will travel. These areas are often overlooked and difficult to clean, but it makes a big difference in the overall appearance of your vehicle’s interior.

7  Leather seats need special attention see our dedicated post on leather care.

That’s the lowdown on interior care.

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