How’s your carpet, floor mats and upholstery holding up to the daily grind? Is it starting to show signs of hundreds of entries and exits, and evidence of being trampled upon again and again? It’s no wonder that our upholstery and carpet shows the signs of ageing, usually before other parts of the car. By nature, this is the most vulnerable of the vehicle’s surfaces, and yet it endures the most contact and friction, next to the tires. Even the most careful, meticulous car owner cannot avoid eventual wear and tear on the interior fibres.

I find that keeping up with the interior cloth and carpet is personally one of my least favourite chores in detailing. All that scrubbing …but what can you do? Well, you can make your life easier by having the right tools for the job and products that really work. Stain repellants are a must to guard against the inevitable future spill. When it happens, you’re ready and clean up will be a fraction of the work it would be otherwise.

Be wary of “over-the-counter” discount brand cleaners; they’re usually too harsh for the delicate fibres, cause colours to fade, or they plain don’t work at all. Ditto for stain repellants. Below you’ll find a overabundance of options from which to choose, the best dry carpet cleaner (and the most Eco friendly) the GarageVac team have come across is Natural & Clean’s Dry Carpet Cleaner, well worth a go but do a patch test first (a good place is the carpet under the seat out of view).

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